Darling Square, Kengo Kuma

Because of the location of the building, in order to allow people to identify the building from all directions, the firm designed it into a cylindrical shape, from all directions around the same. A long, curved piece of wood, wrapped in a cylindrical structure, casts the light reflected by a glass curtain wall, like a bird’s nest.


In the process of construction, a total of 20,000 meters of wood was used. The spiral structure is used to circle the glass curtain wall of the entire building.

Sunlight shines through the layers of wooden slats into the interior of the building, and the reflection of the internal glass curtain wall also leaks through the gaps in the wooden slats.


The unique exterior wall is arranged irregularly by curved wooden strips, and looks like a honeycomb. Some people say it looks like a tornado. Kengo Kuma’s team stated, “Under this structure, the internal space resembles a silkworm cocoon, while the original outer wall resembles a bird’s nest, creating an oasis in the urban jungle.”

When modeling:

1. Build the basic line, build the whole building glass curtain wall.

2. Weaving the epidermis – draw spirals, scale, adjust their diameters and centers, and give each piece of wood a random thickness that actually changes, and seem clutter is actually logical.

3. Connect the rod and secure the epidermis.


Using the Sin function:

By adjusting the shape of the helix to change to be irregular (we can overlay multiple sin functions and constantly adjust to our needs, so scaling and zooming out can be random.)


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